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Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres

: Schubert, Hiltmar; Reichert, Thomas

Institute of Environmental Sciences -IES-, Mt. Prospect/Ill.:
The 21st century - a new frontier in international information exchange. 44th Annual Technical Meeting. Proceedings: Design, test, and evaluation product reliability
Mount Prospect, Ill.: IES, 1998
ISBN: 1-87786-261-4
ISBN: 1-87786-263-0
Institute of Environmental Sciences (Annual Technical Meeting) <44, 1998, Phoenix/Ariz.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ICT ()

The effect of noxious gases on functional and life cycle examns. of materials and components in automobiles is significant. Air pollution by gases such as SO2, H2S, NO2 and O3 is present immediate surrounding and in the interior of cars in sufficient concns. that they must be considered for environmental qualification of modules, components, and materials. In the past, stds., pre-stds., and tech. trend documents reflected different views regarding test philosophies. In particular, the choice of noxious gases, their concns., and the necessity of combinations were disputed. Problems of noxious gas tests of materials and tech. products are illustrated. Furthermore, effects of noxious gases on model materials are shown, and as an example, a noxious gas test on model materials is described.