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Convective heat transfer in a TI wall system combining transparent and opaque insulations

Konvektive Wärmeübertragung in einem TWD Wandsystem mit transparenter und opaker Wärmedämmung
: Liersch, G.

Transparent insulation technology. Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop
Birmingham: Franklin Company Consultants, 1991
ISBN: 0-9510781-5-1
International Workshop on Transparent Insulation <4, 1991, Birmingham>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISE ()
freie Konvektion; Kreislauf; Thermosystem; transparente Wärmedämmung; Wärmeübertragung

A new TI wall system combining the advantages of transparent and opaque insulation for buildings is being investigated. This concept uses free air convection within vertical gaps between the TIM, the opaque insulation material, and the building wall for heat transfer. Overheating during high solar irradiation periods can be avoided by opening a shutter and directing the hot air stream out of the facade. A 5.9 mhigh2 TI facade of this type was constructed on a test building at the ISE test site in Freiburg. The building is equipped with an electrical thermostat heater to keep the room temperature constant. Solar irradiation, wall heat fluxes and temperatures are measured. Special points of interest are the heat transfer coefficients due to free convection, and the protection against overheating.