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Controlling von Garantiekosten

Kosten der Reklamationsbearbeitung senken. Kundenzufriedenheit steigern
Controlling guarantee costs
: Eversheim, W.; Haacke, U. von; Leiters, M.; Paffrath, U.

Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit : QZ 42 (1997), No.5, pp.588 ff
ISSN: 0033-5126
ISSN: 0720-1214
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPT ()
controlling; Garantie; Prozeßkosten; Reklamationsbearbeitung; Zuverlässigkeit

Reducing the cost of processing complaints, increasing customer satisfaction. Even at the product planning stage, product quality and costs must be balanced. This question arises particularly in conjunction with guarantees given with the product which, while admittedly improving product benefits for the customer, can incur substantial costs for the company. As a result, the profit-orientated formulation of guarantee terms becomes a matter of competitively decisive importance.