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Contribution to the analysis of materials flow systems by the use of modern auto-ID

: Wölker, M.; Bittner, F.; Hölscher, M.A.; Bede, K.

microCAD '95. International Computer Science Conference
pp.105-111, Section I
International Computer Science Conference <1995, Miskolc>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
automatische Identifikation; automatisches Warentransportsystem; Datenerfassung; Materialflußanalyse

In this paper the Analysis of Complex Materials Flow Systems using Auto-ID techniques is addressed. A fair amount of the employees at the Chair for Storage and Transport Technology at the University of Dortmund is concerned with the analysis of Materials Flow Systems. This requires the acquisition of ident-data which indicates the transports performed by the system. Manual methods are obviously inefficient and an unacceptable source of error. Therefore AutoID Techniques have to be used. Here we present the way of action in a concrete project to analyse an automatic transport system of a clinic where bar-coding has been used. Data available on media suitable for computing are often oriented to business purposes. They are not suitable for analysing and modelling transport processes. Thus, with respect to short time restrictions to prepare an expert opinion often estimated values are used. Estimations are frequently extrapolations of interview results. Basically quality and significance c an not be guaranteed. Quality requirements and time restrictions generate the constraints of a tool for the Analysis of Logistic Systems: AnaLoS. it supports the user in his dilemma to get high quality data in a short time period with low costs.