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The contribution of solar architecture to energy saving and quality of living

: Gruber, E.; Reichert, J.

Energy and Environment 1 (1990), No.3, pp.252-262
ISSN: 0958-305X
Journal Article
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Energieeinsparung; energy conservation; living behaviour; living quality; solar architecture; solar energy; Solararchitektur; Solarenergienutzung; Wohnqualität; Wohnverhalten

A demonstration project with 22 solar houses funded by the German Ministry of Research and Technology was carried out in order to study the contribution of solar energy use to the room heating under the climate conditions of the Federal Republic of Germany. Measurements of energy flows over three years and interivews with the inhabitants have shown that an excellent heat insulation is the most effective measure. Solar components such as large south-faced glazings can contribute a small part to the energy savings if they are adequately designed and used. The most important benefit of solar houses is that they cause a high quality of living. Heating behaviour and ventilation has a large influence on energy consumption. The handling of solar houses must not be very difficult. With the help of "intelligent" heating and controlling systems many functions can be performed automatically.