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Conformance testing of graphics standard software

: Ziegler, R.

SCA - Scientific Computing and Animation
Book Article
Fraunhofer IGD ()
certification; CGI; conformance testing; CTS; GKS; validation

The widespread acceptance of Graphics Standards like GKS, GKS-3D, CGM, and PHIGS as international standards for computer graphics leads to a software market offering a lot of implementations of these standards, even before it becomes official. This paper describes conformance testing of GKS and CGI implementations. The first testing service was established for GKS. The development of this service was finished 1989. The testing service for CGI is still under development and a prototype is now available. The testing serices for both standards rely very highly on the visual checks of a human tester. Thus an important consideration is whether the human judgement of the correctness of pictures can be replaced, at least in part, by automatic processes.