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Concepts for the realization of distributed, fault tolerant CIM structures

: Bernhardt, R.

INCOM '89. Proceedings
Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing Technology <6, 1989, Madrid>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Berkom; CIM; communication system; information system; ISDN-B; wide area networks

Today industrial enterprises are often decentrally organized. The objective of this is to concentrate resources and capacities for the elaboration of specific tasks and the effective solution of problems. On the other hand, an effective information exchange is required between the various departments which are located at different sites. Existing networks and communication systems are not suitable to fulfil the necessary tasks. This paper reports on R and D activities which aim at overcoming the impediments to the integration of decentrally structured enterprises. The basis for the integration is a broadband communication system based on an optical fiber network which has already been installed in Berlin by the Deutsche Bundespost. The BERCIM project has been launched with the purpose of a conception and realization of distributed, fault tolerant CIM structures using such a communication system. The main tasks of the project are the conception and prototypical realization of distribute d CIM applications and their informational linkage via this communication system. Therefor the communication kernel, transport system and a management information system have to be realized. For the communication system and the distributed CIM applications local and network overlapping fault tolerant procedures are to be considered.