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Concepts for standardization of total scatter measurements at 633 nm

: Kadkhoda, M.; Strink, P.; Ristau, D.; Duparre, A.; Gliech, S.; Reng, N.; Greif, M.; Schuhmann, R.; Goldner, M.

Giesen, A.; Morin, M. ; VDI-Technologiezentrum Physikalische Technologien, Düsseldorf; Univ. Stuttgart, Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge -IFSW-:
4th International Workshop on Laser Beam and Optics Characterization 1997
München: Messe GmbH, 1997
International Workshop on Laser Beam & Optics Characterization (LBOC) <4, 1997, München>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IOF ()
atomic force microscope; Atomkraft-Mikroskop; Dünne optische Schicht; Lichtstreuung; light scattering; Oberflächenrauheit; optical thin films; surface roughness

Total scattering is a quality factor of ever increasing importance for the production, application and commercialisation of optical components in the entire field of laser- and optics-technology. Recent discussions on an international standardisation of total scatter (TS) measurements initiated by ISO/TC 172/SC 9/WG 6 resulted in a first Committee Draft ISO/CD 13696. In order to support the technical development of this international standard, a concerted experimental initiative on the evaluation of alternative measurement concepts was started within the framework of the EUREKA-project CHOCLAB. In this pilot study a special set of samples with different total scatter values was measure in scatter measurement facilities of the four contributing laboratories by different experimental arrangements. The results were evaluated with respect to the practicability of the proposed standard measurement procedure.