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Concepts and methods for a production integrated environmental protection

: Bullinger, H.-J.; Steinaecker, J. von; Weller, A.

14th International Conference on Production Research 1997. Proceedings. Vol.2
Osaka, 1997
International Conference on Production Research (ICPR) <14, 1997, Osaka>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAO ()
environmental management; information system; logistics; production management

Observing the public discussion on environmental issues, it becomes evident that environmentally clean products and processes will represent a competitive factor of the strategic impact to producing companies. However up until now it has riot been clear how to model the flow of materials over a product's life-cycle in order to get relevant environmental information and data. As an approach to this topic, the Fraunhofer-Institute IAO for Industrial Engineering in Germany has determined the first steps towards organisational and informational measures concerning an integrated, environmentally oriented Production Management-System (EPMS). The aim is to define an underlying unified material-flow-model to support the environmental orientation of all companies' departments.