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Concepts and Application of SIMPLE++

: Becker, B.-D.; Brandt, O.

Kuehn, W.; Nagarur, N.N. ; Asian Institute of Technology -AIT-:
Simulation in manufacturing systems
Bangkok, 1994
ISBN: 974-8256-154
WORKSIMS <1, 1994, Bangkok, Thailand)
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
C++; Fertigungsplanung; genetic algorithm; object-oriented genetic algorithm; object-oriented modelling; Objectoriented graphic; SIMPLE++; simulation; software

SIMPLE++ is a fully object-oriented simulation tool, which was first designed and implemented at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing Engeneering and Automation as SIMPLEmac and reimplemented based on C++ in 1992. SIMPLE++ is a standard software tool for object-oriented, graphical and integrated modelling, simulation and animation. Additional to the tool there are interfaces to database systems, for interprocess communication and modules for optimisation using Genetic Algorithms. The concepts and current development in applications of this simulation systems are described in this article.