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Concentrations of 3 Beta-hydroxy-androgens in epithelium and stroma of benign hyperplastic and normal human prostate

: Kozak, I.; Gorenflos, P.; Bartsch, W.; Voigt, K.-D.

The Prostate (1986), No.8, pp.3-10
ISSN: 0270-4137
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
3Beta-hydroxy-androgens; human prostate

Androgen metabolites with 3beta-hydroxy configuration-ie, dehydroepiandrosterone (3beta-hydroxy 5-androsten-17-one, DHEA), 5-androstene-3beta-17beta-diol (A-Diol), and 5alpha-androstane-3beta, 17beta-diol (3beta-Diol) - were measured by radioimmunoassay in the homogenate, in the mechanically separated epithelium and stroma, and in the nuclear fractions of epithelium and stroma of benign hyperplastic (BPH) and normal human prostatic tissue, in muscle homogenates and in plasma. The main results were: 1) Mean prostatic DHEA, A-Diol and 3beta-Diol were 6-7 times as high as plasma values (1g = 1ml). Compared to muscle, prostatic values were more than tenfold higher. 2) The values in homogenates of BPH and normal prostate were not statistically different. 3) In the nuclear fractions of epithelium and stroma the values were low compared to the homogenates and could not be discriminated from unspecific retention. Although we could not demonstrate either a specific retention of the 3beta-hydrox ysteroids in the nuclei or conclusive differences in steroid accumulation between epithelium and stroma of BPH and normal prostate, which could explain the development of the disease, the high levels in the tissue particularly of A-Diol would be compatible with estrogenic action at the prostate level. (ITA)