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Computergestützte Prozeßoptimierung bei der Laser-Umwandlungshärtung von Eisenwerkstoffen

: Lepski, D.; Reitzenstein, W.

Härterei-Technische Mitteilungen : HTM 46 (1991), No.3, pp.178-183
ISSN: 0017-6583
ISSN: 0341-101X
ISSN: 1867-2493
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWS ()
analytical model function; analytische Modellfunktion; computer aided optimization of processing; computergestützte Prozeßoptimierung; database; Datenbank; Eisenwerkstoff; hardening of cylinder liners; iron base material; laser induced temperature field; laser track geometry; laser transformation hardening; Laser-Umwandlungshärtung; laserinduziertes Temperaturfeld; Laserleistungsdichteverteilung; Laserspurgeometrie; personal computer program; Personalcomputerprogramm

The laser induced temperature field and the austenite formation kinetics in laser transformation hardening have been investigated. The relationship between laser processing parameters, important temperature field data, material properties, and the laser track geometry has been modelled by fitting suitable analytical model functions to numerical results. Using these functions the personal computer program GEOPT is able to compute, within a few seconds, those processing parameter values which yield the temperature-time cycle required for hardening and a prescribed or in a definable manner optimized geometry of the laser track pattern. Furthermore, relations between the quantities involved may be graphically represented.