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Computer-supported form-filling. The Fraunhofer ISST FORMAK system

Computer-unterstütztes Formularwesen. Das System FORMAK des Fraunhofer ISST
: Koch, D.; Billig, A.; Faust, D.

Pötschke, D.; Weber, M. ; Brandenburg, Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Mittelstand und Technologie:
INFO '95. Informationstechnologien für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung
Berlin: DBC, 1995 (Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien im Land Brandenburg 4)
Brandenburger IuK-Tagung <3, 1995, Potsdam>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISST ()
document management; Dokumentenmanagement; form management; forms; Formulare; Formularmanagement; information management; Informationsmanagement

The FORMAK system provides intelligent support for computerized filling of standard paper forms. These forms can be displayed on the screen, filled out with optimum support and then printed onto the original paper form if necessary. This kind of hybrid form filling will continue to play an important role in all inter-company communication, in-house communication and especially in communication between administration and the private sector. FORMAK provides a means of adjusting to this situation using the latest computer technology, including the following advantages: 3-level on-line help during form-filling, i.e. simple enter requests, explanatory texts for each of the form's boxes and context-sensitive Windows help for complicated situations; position-perfect printing onto the original form; realistic display as screen background assuring familiar 2-D orientation; intelligent navigation through the form; automatic calculation of certain values on the basis of other entries (as in sprea dsheet systems); selection of values from predefined option lists; learning from user suggestions; access to databases for partial pre-filling of forms and to update the databases.