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Computer supported experience guided work -CeA-

: Carbon, M.; Mertins, K.

Brödner, P.; Karwowski, W.:
Ergonomics of hybrid automated systems III
Amsterdam, 1992
ISBN: 0-444-89520-5
International Conference on Human Aspects of Advanced Manufacturing and Hybrid Automation <3, 1992, Gelsenkirchen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
CeA; shop floor control

An increasing number of computer systems, e.g. shop floor control systems are introduced on shop floor level. factories with manual driven systems have most of their planning activities handled by experienced craftsmen and skilled workers. Implementing computer-based shop floor control systems in such structures means, that people have to change their way of thinking, because there is no way to put their experiences into the systems or use it in the former way. The handling of the systems occupies them more than the task of problem solving itself. The effect of introducing the computer system is therefore less than expected. Within the project CeA, an interdisciplinary team is looking for circumstances how ecperience is aquired and used. In the empirical phase of the project we found, that many tasks like judgement about the momentary capability of a skilled worker to give him the right job are made informally by using experience and can not be solved by a computer equally. The second question is how to support the experience of craftsmen and skilled worker sand their decision making by computer systems. The aim is to develop a new generation of computer systems for the shop floor with some features as broad data access, simulation and graphical animation and fedback about the results of the decisions.