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Computer aided planning of assembly systems

: Krüger, S.; Gleue, V.; Heinemeier, H.-J.; Seliger, G.

INCOM '89. 6th Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing Technology. Vol.2
Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing Technology <6, 1989, Madrid>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
assembly planning; Auslegung; Computer Aided Design (CAD); computer simulation; configuration; database; Datenbank; expert system; Expertensystem; Montageplanung; network; Netzwerk; Rechnersimulation

The integrated computer aided planning system is developed for assembly systems with special reference to automated material handling. Based on the specification of planning tasks, assembly functions and equipment, modules for assembly sequence planning, layout design and system behaviour simulation have been realized. The open architecture is characterized by an infrastructure of data base and network, integrating instruments as CAD and expert systems for consistent information processing. The paper describes system development and application in industrial assembly.