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Compilation of Comparative Life Cycle Inventories Using Single and Multi Trip Packaging as an Example

: Holley, W.; Langowski, H.-C.; Ludwig, M.

Brandrup, J.; Bittner, M.; Michaeli, W.; Menges, G.:
Recycling and Recovery of Plastics
Cincinnati; München; New York; Wien: Hanser, 1996
ISBN: 3-446-18258-6
Book Article
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
ecological balance; Einweg; Einwegverpackung; life cycle analysis; Mehrweg; Mehrwegtransportverpackungssystem; Mehrwegverpackung; multiple packaging transport system; non returnable packaging; non returnable system; Ökobilanz; returnable packaging; Versandverpackung

The results of life cycle analysis as such do not allow any comprehensive, ecological overall evaluation of the balance-sheet subject representable by one or a few characteristic indicators. Optimizing just as comparative considerations can be employed respectively only as individual balance sheet magnitudes, which individually have the character of "environmental effects", but not of ecological effects. The determination of the bases for the material balancing of the "non-returnable corrugated board" and "returnable polypropylene crate modules" transport packaging systems is explained in the following sequence: definition and depiction of the technical utilization, balance scope, demands on the data basee, scenarios to be investigated.