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Comparison of workplace measurements during welding with CO2- and Nd-YAG-lasers

: Klein, R.M.; Dahmen, M.; Möhlmann, C.

Industrial Laser Safety Forum '95. Final Programme. Proceedings : Posterbeitrag auf der 3. Internationalen Konferenz des EUREKA-Verbundprojekts EU 643: Safety in the Industrial Application of Lasers.
Copenhagen, 1995
Industrial Laser Safety Forum <1995, Copenhagen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILT ()
emission of airborne substances; laser beam welding; stainless steel; suction concepts; workplace measurement

Results of workplace environment measurements during welding of stainless steel with carbon dioxide and Neodymiurn-YAG-lasers will be given. The measurements were performed under reproducible conditions in three different capsuled working cells with defined ventilation. These different laser applications in combination with exhaust air systems will be compared and evaluated for industrial use. The fumes originated by the welding process were sucked by global or local effected exhaust air systems. The measured concentrations of inhalable and respirable dust and also certain vaporized elements will be compared. A comparison to German limit values will show the potential for a possible risk.