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Combining Practice-Based Engineering Education with Scientific Research

: Sihn, W.; Kraus, M.

Czech Technical University, Prag; Technical University of Ostrava:
Progress Through Partnership: Strengthening Alliances. Proceedings International Conference on Engineering Education. CD-ROM
Ostrava, Tschechien, 1999
Paper No. 227
International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEE) <1999, Ostrava-Prague>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Ausbildung; Forschung; Ingenieur; Studium

The Institute for Industrial Manufacturing and Management (IFF) combines research and science and helps to put research findings into practice. Its close co-operation with the Fraunhofer-Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) ensures the contrinuous flow of information and knowledge. The IFF offers university courses dealing with the basic theories of industrial management and practical issues from both public and industrial projects relevant to industrial training. These courses are open to students at the University of Stuttgart and those interested in industrial management. Along with issues giving insight into modern business management, accounting as well as factory design and planni ng. IFF also presents such topics as automation, quality management, manufacturing metrology and surface technology. In addition to an extensive range of courses, the Institute offers the opportunity to obtain practical experience in the fields of factory planning and design, ord er management, quality assurance and automation engineering. The practical experience helps to enforce the topics presented in the lectures. To this end, approximately ten students are grouped together to work with computers and manufacturing equipment under the guidance of an assistant. The article illustrates the various opportunities for students at the IFF Institute to receive a practice-based engineering education combined with scientific research.