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Kraftfahrzeugfelge mit einer Codierstruktur und Decodiervorrichtung

Coding structure and decoding device
: Bauer, N.; Bloss, H.

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DE 1990-4037719 A3: 19901127
DE 1990-4037719 A: 19901127
EP 1991-117634 A: 19911015
DE 4037719 C1: 19920527
EP 487887 B1: 19970101
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A coding structure comprises parallel, interspaced marker bodies of basically equal width, which include fixed spacings so that at least a first and a second spacing difference are unambiguously assigned to encoded information. A decoding device for this coding structure comprises an image processing device for the generation of spacing signals, two subtractors, which are connected downstream of the image processing device, and a table storage device, which is readable by means of the output signals of the subtractors.