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Codierer zur Einbringung eines nicht hoerbaren Datensignals in ein Audiosignal und Decodierer zum decodieren eines nicht hoerbar in einem Audiosignal enthaltenen Datensignals

Coding method with insertion of inaudible data signal into audio signal - converting audio signal into spectral range and producing pseudonoise signal and multiplying it by data signal, before weighting spread data signal with masking threshold.

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The method involves transforming the audio signals to a spectral range and determining a masking threshold (W( omega )) for the audio signals. The method also provides pseudorandom noise signals and data signals. The pseudorandom noise signals are multiplied with the data signals in order to evenly spread the data signal over a frequency range. The spread data signal is then weighted with the masking threshold and overlaid with the audio signals. Preferably when transforming the audio signals the method uses a fast fourier transform. USE/ADVANTAGE - E.g. for spread spectrum communication system. Reduces interference and multipath propagation.