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Coarse-grained materials - nondestructive evaluation

: Goebbels, K.

Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering
Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1986
ISBN: 0-08-022158-0
Book Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
coarse grained materials; NDE; signal averaging techniques; ultrasonic scattering; ultrasonic testing

Advanced ceramics have several advantages which make them important materials for structural applications: low density, high strength and hardness, low heat expansion and good heat conductivity combined with high thermal stability and oxidation resistivity. But there is one disadvantage that even at high temperatures advanced ceramics are brittle, what means that stress peaks at defects cannot be released by plastic flow and ductility. From the stress analytic and fracture mechanism point of view for design loads of some 100 MPa defects with lineare dimensions of 10-100 mym - at the surface still smaller ones - will cause failure. This makes a nondestructive quality control absolutely necessary. (IZFP)