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A CMOS nine channel ECG measurement IC

: Desel, T.; Reichel, T.; Hauer, H.; Rudischhauser, S.


Qian-Ling, Z.; Ting-Ao, T.; Huihua, Y.:
ASICON '96. 2nd International Conference on ASIC. Proceedings
Shanghai: Shanghai Scientific and Technological Literature Publishing House, 1996
ISBN: 7-5439-0940-5
International Conference on ASIC (ASICON) <2, 1996, Shanghai>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IIS A ( IIS) ()
13 bit ADC; 13 bit Analog-Digital-Umsetzer; ADC; ADU; Analog-Digital-Umsetzer; analog-to-digital-converter; CMOS; electro cardiograph; Elektrokardiographie; low noise amplifier; medical measurement; medizinische Meßtechnik; mixed signal ASIC; rauscharmer Verstärker; SC-Filter; Signalfilter

This paper describes an analog/digital CMOS ASIC with the complete data acquisition for use in electrocardiography. It is implemented as a configurable, multi-channel mixed IC for general measurement purpose. All preprocessing components like low noise amplifiers, filters and sample-and-hold circuits are integrated. A 13 bit successive approximation analog/digital converter with 44.1 kS/s is implemented. The chip area is 65 mm2 in a 2 my CMOS technology. The circuit operates at 10 V power supply and consumes only 270 mW.