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CIM system planning toolbox - CIM PLATO

: Schreck, G.; Bernhardt, R.; Katschinski, V.

Puymbroeck, W. van; Oliveira Faria, L. de ; Commission of European Communities -CEC-, Directorate General for Telecommunications, Information Industries and Innovation -DG XIII-:
Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Proceedings of the Sixth CIM-Europe Annual Conference
Berlin: Springer, 1990 (EUR 12785)
ISBN: 0-387-19616-1
ISBN: 3-540-19616-1
CIM-Europe Annual Conference <6, 1990, Lisboa>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
CIM; execution planning; FAS; FMS; planning tool; system planning; toolbox

The overall objective of the CIM-PLATO Project is to develop an industrial Toolbox prototype of computer based procedures and tools to design, plan and install FMS and FAS systems in the freme of a CIM environment. To reach this goal, three closely interrelated fields of R and D can be stated. These are the manufacturing system planning, the manufacturing process planning and the provision of all necessary information to fulfill theses tasks as well as the integration into factory information system. Beside this general informatiomn about the application areas of toolbox and the adopted approaches for their realization two areas of tools will be presented in detail: technological process planning and process execution simulation and test.