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CIM Framework Projects of the European Semiconductor Industry

: Kaufmann, T.S.; Suntrup, M.; Frauenhoffer, F.; Basset, T.

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International -SEMI-, San Jose/Calif.:
STEP/CIM Framework '97
Tokyo, Japan, 1997
SEMICON Japan <1997, Tokyo, Japan>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
CIM; Fertigung; framework; Halbleiter; STEP

The Smart Fabrication CIM Framework projects with its 80 engineers working on it all over Germany has gone through all the phases of software development. SEMATECH framework covers only the front end production of wafers. On the other hand SMARTFAB framework deals also with the back end analysis (see CIM Framework project overview). The detailed analysis of the requirements of semiconductor manufacturers in Germany resulted into new components which are not present in SEMATECH framework.