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Chronic effects of intratracheally instilled nickel-containing particles in hamsters


Nieboer, E.; Nriagu, J.O.:
Nickel and Human Health
New York/N.Y.: Wiley and Sons, 1992 (Advances in environmental science and technology 35)
ISBN: 0-471-50076-3
International Conference on Nickel Metabolism and Toxicology <4, 1988, Espoo>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
carcinogenicity; dust; hamster; histopathology; intratracheal instillation; lung; nickel; particles; pulmonary clearance

Only limited information is available concerning whether a potential carcinogenic risk is associated with exposure to particles of nickel alloys. In a chronic study, Syrian golden hamsters were treated by intratracheal instillations to evaluate the carcinongenic potency of grinding dusts derived from stainless steel and particles from the mineral pentlandite, both containing nickel. Nickel powder and nickel subsulfide were used as reference materials.