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Chipmodul sowie Verfahren zur Herstellung eines Chipmoduls

Semiconductor chip module - has chip carrier with plastics carrier layer and foil providing conductor path structure connected to chip contact pads with rear external contact regions.
: Oppermann, H.H.; Zakel, E.; Azdasht, G.; Kasulke, P.

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The chip module (20) has at least one chip (22) attached to a chip carrier (21) provided by a foil and a plastics carrier layer (23), providing a conductor path structure (24) with conductor paths (28) connected to corresponding contact pads (32) of the chip on the front side and provided with external contact regions (26) on the rear side, for connection to a circuit board substrate (31). The external contact regions are provided by openings in the carrier layer of the chip carrier at the rear side of the conductor paths, aligned with terminal pads (30) for the chip provided by the circuit board substrate. USE - For chip-scale package. ADVANTAGE - Simple manufacture of chip module with reduced number of individual steps.