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Embedded integrated circuit chip smart card, e.g. for bank, identification card - has formed plastic base with recess into which chip is fitted in, and metal coated flexible substrate formed upon base.
: Aschenbrenner, R.; Zakel, E.

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DE 1996-19637739 A1: 19960916
DE 1997-19702532 A: 19970124
DE 19702532 A1: 19980326
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The smart card has a base (10) of plastic and an adhesive flexible substrate (14') that has a metallised outer surface (16) formed as a contact surface. The main surface of the card base has a recess (12). The leading end of the substrate is wrapped around the base and onto the underside. An integrated circuit chip (24) is set into the recess and a cover element (26) is bonded to enclose it. The contact surfaces are spaced to each other and are formed on both sides of the substrate. ADVANTAGE - Simple construction with contact surfaces.