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Chip-Bauelement und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung

Chip device and process for its production
: Goedicke, K.; Panzer, S.; Heisig, U.; Schmidt, H.; Jarzak, W.

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DE 1992-4202824 A: 19920131
DE 1992-4202824 A: 19920131
DE 4202824 A2: 19950105
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Known chip devices are produced by coating plastic substrates. The substrate material is brittle and has low thermal conductivity. The invention presents a continuous high-productivity process for the production of a chip device which can be highly stressed and assembled by machine. A substrate made of insulating material is doubled up and a web made of good thermally conductive material is placed between the two substrates. The function and contact layers are first applied structured in the vacuum and compared by electron or laser beam before doubling. The chip devices are coated depending on the application (resistor, capacitor, zero resistor), trimmed and contacted.