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Verfahren zum Aufzeichnen und Wiedergeben von Brailleschrift unter Verwendung von Magnetband

Braille script prodn., recording and reproduction - uses braille text which can be stored up to one page in memory and then recorded on tape.
: Heydt, G.; Raupach, R.

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DE 1976-2657064 A: 19761214
DE 1976-2657064 A: 19761214
DE 2657064 C2: 19850307
Patent, Electronic Publication
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DE 2657064 C UPAB: 19930901 The method uses a cassette recorder or a dictation machine originally designed for sound reproduction. The Braille characters are electronically stored during reproduction by a tape recorder, covering one page of script of the normal size, in a preliminary (3) and in an operating (4) store, and reproduced in lines in a tactile display without pauses due to the recorder operation. The number of characters in this line is only a little smaller than that normally used in Braille print. A writing keyboard is connected with the operating store so that the user can store the written Braille texts up to the size of a page, and then record them page by page on the tape by the tape recorder.