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Characterization of Nanocrystalline Ta(N,O) - Diffusions Barriers for Use in Semiconductor Metallization with Scanning Force Microscopy


Saarton, L.A.; Zeedijk, H.B. ; Federation of European Materials Societies; Netherlands Society for Materials Science:
Materials, functionality & design. Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Advanced Materials and Processes and Applications. Vol. 4: Characterization and production/design : EUROMAT 97, Maastricht, NL, 21 - 23 April 1997
Zwijndrecht: Netherlands Society for Materials Science, 1997
ISBN: 90-803513-4-2
European Conference on Advanced Materials and Processes and Applications (EUROMAT) <5, 1997, Maastricht>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
crystallographic structure; nanocrystalline; resistivity; scanning force microscopy

A comparison between reactively sputtered Ta-based diffusion barriers is presented. The microstructure of the thin films was analysed using mainly atomic force microscopy. Film composition, crystallographic structure, internal stress and resistivity were characterized by AES, XRD, bow and four point probe measurement. Finally, using a bending module the film behaviour under mechanical load was determined.