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Characterization of Hg1-xCdxTe heterostructures by thermoelectric measurements

Charakterisierung von Hg1-xCdxTe durch thermoelektrische Messungen
: Baars, J.; Brink, D.; Edwall, D.D.; Bubulac, L.O.


Journal of Electronic Materials 22 (1993), No.8, pp.923-929 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
ISSN: 0361-5235
ISSN: 1543-186X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
As dopant; As-Dotierung; chemical vapour deposition; HgCdTe; MOCVD; SIMS; thermoelectric effect; thermoelektrischer Effekt

P-on-n mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) heterostructures grown by MOCVD with As and In as n- and p-type dopants, respectively, are examined by measuring the Seebeck and Hall coefficients between 20 and 320K. The results are analyzed regarding doping and composition of the layers by least squares fitting the experimental profiles with the calculated temperature dependencies. The electron and hole densities of the layers are calculated taking into account Fermi-Dirac statistics, a nonparabolic conduction band, a parabolic valence band, a discrete acceptor level, and fully ionized donors. For the Seebeck coefficient, the relation we previously showed to be valid for p-type MCT is used. This relation relies on the thermoelectric effect in a temperature gradient resulting from the diffusion of nondegenerate carriers scattered by LO-phonons. lt also fits the observed thermoelectric properties of n-type MCT in a wide temperature range. The doping and structural parameters determined from the t hermoelectric measurements agreed very well with As and In profiles obtained from secondary ion mass spectroscopy measurements and the data obtained from analyses of infrared transmission measurements.