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Changes of design methodology in the view of computer-aided product gestaltung

Wandel der Konstruktionsmethodik in Hinsicht auf computer-unterstützte Produktgestaltung
: Lehmann, C.M.; Schlingheider, J.; Krause, F.-L.

International Conference on Engineering Design '91. Proceedings
International Conference on Engineering Design <1991, Zürich>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Computer Aided Design (CAD); design methodology; design process; knowledge processing; Konstruktionsmethodik; Konstruktionsprozeß; Wissensverarbeitung

The growing use of computers in the design area has lead to changed requirements to design methodology. The reasons for this can be seen in the relations between computer and design methodology. On the other hand universally valid methodics are limited in their practical use for computer applications. This paper describes the necessity of a new product-oriented design methodology for computer-aided product gestaltung.