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Challenges, strategies and technologies regarding tomorrow's environmentally conscious markets and after-markets

: Steinhilper, R.

Associazione Tecnica dell' Automobile -ATA-, Unione Industriale, Torino:
Time to Market in the Automotive Industry. International Conference
Torino, 1993
Time to Market in the Automotive Industry <1993, Torino>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
life-cycle engineering; Markt; product design; Produktentwicklung; recycling; Umwelt

The amount of products running out of use is going to be a new challenge. Today, the industry is increasingly faced with regulations concerning the environment and recycling as well as with a change of the customer's conciousness and needs. Solving this task doesn't only mean to develop recycling technologies for returning products, but also the consideration of the recycling in the product design. Strategical aim is the Life-Cycle-Engineering integrated into an overall concept of environmental management and marketing. The paper gives various examples.