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Poroese Bauteiele sowie ein Verfahren zu deren Herstellung

Production of a porous component used e.g. as an exhaust gas filter comprises initially removing moisture from metal chips produced during metal processing, pouring into a container or placing on a surface, etc..
: Gruetzner, H.

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DE 2000-10049759 A: 20000929
DE 2000-10049759 A: 20000929
EP 2001-250333 A: 20010921
DE 10049759 C1: 20020404
EP 1193009 A2: 20020403
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein poroeses Bauteil sowie ein Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung. Bei der Herstellung werden aus der spanabhebenden Metallbearbeitung stammende feuchte Metallspaene zunaechst zumindest bis auf einen Restfeuchtegehalt entfeuchtet, anschliessend in einen Behaelter gefuellt oder auf eine Aufbringungsflaeche ausgelegt und schliesslich mit oder ohne Druckbelastung gesintert.


DE 10049759 C UPAB: 20020502 NOVELTY - Production of a porous component comprises initially removing moisture form metal chips produced during metal processing to give a residual moisture content of 5%; pouring into a container or placing on a surface; and sintering with or without pressure. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Preferred Features: The metal chips with the moisture removed is sieved, comminuted and/or thermally treated before pouring into the container or placing on a surface. Moisture is removed in a settling tank by centrifuging, pressing, or by scrubbing with super critical CO2 or cleaner's naphtha. The metal chips are made of chromium-alloyed steel, other steel and cast iron materials, materials based on nickel, colored metals, precious metals and lightweight metals. USE - Used as a de-dusting filter, exhaust gas filter, a filter for liquids and melts, a support for membrane filters, a catalyst support for chemical processes, a composite material for lightweight components, brakes, friction materials and bearings, a mold for deep drawing plastics, a component for damping sound, absorbing shocks, absorbing oscillations, a cladding material, a material for protecting from splintering, a heat insulating material or a heat exchanger for recuperators (claimed). ADVANTAGE - The component has high porosity.