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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Vergleichmäßigen der Dicke von Metallschichten an elektrischen Kontaktierstellen auf Behandlungsgut

Apparatus for contacting flat items in continuous galvanising installations - in the form of clamps whose top and bottom members are movable relative to one another.
: Kopp, L.; Langheinrich, P.; Schneider, R.

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DE 1997-19736352 A: 19970821
EP 1998-951219 A: 19980819
WO 1998-DE2503 A: 19980819
DE 1997-19736352 A: 19970821
EP 1007766 B1: 20020502
DE 19736352 C1: 19981210
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DE 19736352 C UPAB: 19990122 The apparatus is for electrical wet contacting of flat items (7) in galvanizing installations, with use of soluble or insoluble anodes (2) and clamps (4) attached to an endless circulating transport unit. The clamps consist of electrically conductive bare metal top and bottom members (13, 14) which are movable relative to one another, and have a contact point below the bath surface (8). The apparatus is provided with shields (15, 16) between the anodes and the clamps. USE - In manufacture of circuit boards and foil, for example. ADVANTAGE - The apparatus can be produced cost-effectively. It can be operated for long periods without maintenance. The same coating thickness distribution is attained on the entire surface of the items undergoing galvanizing.