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The call for minimizing the use of packaging materials requires new and optimized logistical structures

: Frerich-Sagurna, R.

Centre for Packaging Research:
Proceedings of the IAPRI 7th World Conference on Packaging
11 pp.
World Conference on Packaging <7, 1991, Utrecht>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IML ()
Einwegverpackung; logistic system; material flow; Materialfluss; Mehrwegverpackung; non returnable material concept; packaging; packaging reduced logistic strategy; returnable material system; Verpackung; Verpackungsminimierung

Optimized logistic structures offer great avoidance potentials and allow for a packaging reduced good distribution. In general, the view of packaging problems is black-and-white. This is an obtacle to an efficient packaging design and can easily result in political solutions which only consider partial aspects concerning environmental pollution. Logistical optimizations are not based on trivial solutions such as: returnable packaging is better than non-returnable packaging or paper and cardboard packaging is favourable to plastic; but their whole task is the secure goods distribution with minimal packaging. 'ne development of circular systems is the basic requirement for the solution of this problem.According to the product and distribution requirements the combination of systems for returnable and non- returnable materials, i.e. of different circular processes, is the prerequisit for closed material circuits. The rules and regulations by the legislation, with the Federal Republic obvi ously playing a leading role, show that the recycling of the packing material is a first step towards an extensive product liability. Material recycling means that secondary raw materials have to be the result which can be used for products of highquality - comparable to the very first products.