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Calculation of fast neutron dose in plastic-coated optical fibres

: Siebert, B.R.L.; Henschel, H.


IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 45 (1998), No.3, pp.1570-1575
ISSN: 0018-9499
Journal Article
Fraunhofer INT ()
fast neutrons; gamma radiation; optical fibers; radiation; radiationdose

The dose of fast neutrons in optical fibres with hydrogen-containing coating materials is considerably increased by energetic recoil protons. Their contribution to the dose in a Si0-2 fibre core is calculated by the Monte Carlo method for different fibre geometries and a fibre optic cable. With 14 MeV neutrons the dose in a single fibre is increased by about 21 per cent whereas in fibre bundles the dose increase can reach about 170 per cent. Maximum dose enhancement in fibre bundles (about 610 per cent) occurs at neutron energies around 5.5 MeV. The dose increase caused by 14 MeV neutrons in the fibre of a typical laboratory cable is about 124 per cent.