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CAD/CAM-Förderung des BMFT. FhG-ISI legt Abschlußbericht der Evaluierung vor

: Schneider, R.; Wengel, J.

VDI-Zeitschrift 13 (1989), No.11, pp.6-7
ISSN: 0372-543X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
CAD/CAM; evaluation; impact analysis; manufacturing technology; technology policy

The paper describes a report which contains the results of a research project which analysed the impacts of the public promotion for implementation of CAD/CAM-systems within the Federal Manufacturing Technologies Programme 1984 - 1988. The research is bases on an analysis of statistical data, analysis of documents, surveys and interviews with promoted and non promoted companies. The evaluation offers answers to the following questions: * Has the programme helped to accelerate the diffusion of CAD/CAM? * What impact did the application of CAD/CAM have on the competitiveness of promoted companies? * Did the programme have any unintended side effects? * Has the indirect specific promotion concept proved effective? * What can be gained by the experiences gathered in the promoted projects?