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Hohlkugel und Verfahren zur Herstellung von Leichtbauteilen mit Hohlkugeln

Hollow spheres for use as light-weight construction material are of sintered inorganic material and have a functional layer which can be rendered flowable or plastically- and/or elastically-formable.
: Bretschneider, F.; Stephan, H.; Brueckner, J.; Schneider, L.; Stephani, G.; Waag, U.; Hunkemoeller, P.

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Die Erfindung betrifft Hohlkugeln mit Stuetzschalen aus einem gesinterten anorganischen Material, wie Metallen, Metalloxiden oder Keramik sowie Verfahren zur Herstellung von Leichtbauelementen mit solchen Hohlkugeln. Aufgabengemaess sollen der Anwendungsbereich erweitert, die Verarbeitung zu Bauelementen technologisch vereinfacht und die Eigenschaften der Hohlkugeln sowie der mit ihnen hergestellten Bauelemente anwendungsspezifisch verbessert werden. Hierzu ist auf den Hohlkugeln auf einer Stuetzschale eine zusaetzliche feste Funktionsschicht ausgebildet. Das Funktionsschichtmaterial kann dann infolge einer physikalischen und/oder chemischen Behandlung fliessfaehig, plastisch und/oder elastisch verformt werden.


WO 200154846 A UPAB: 20011119 NOVELTY - Hollow spheres made from sintered inorganic material have their shells at least partly formed of a solid functional layer which is of a material which can be rendered flowable or plastically- and/or elastically-formable by a physical and/or chemical treatment. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (i) production of the spheres by applying a fluid containing a liquid binder and metallic powder to a heat-volatizable carrier so as to form a covering which is then dried and sintered, the novel features being that (a) a decomposable additive is present in the binder/powder mixture in dissolved or colloidal form; (b) during sintering in an oxidizing atmosphere the solid residue of the additive forms further binder components for the metal powder; and (c) after the sintering a functional layer is applied to the shell; and (ii) production of light-weight construction elements by filling the spheres into a mold or the outer part of a construction element and then physically and/or chemically treating make the functional layer plastically- and/or elastically-formable, followed by adhesively fixing the spheres. USE - The hollow spheres are used as light-weight construction materials. ADVANTAGE - Compared to prior-art materials of this type they are more easily worked and have improved properties for use in construction applications.