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Drilling rod magazine especially for horizontal drilling machine using tools approximately circular in cross section.
: Bayer, H.; Doerfler, G.; Steck, A.; Keller, M.; Cottone, N.; Braeuning, U.

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DE 1998-19813698 A: 19980327
DE 1998-19813698 A: 19980327
EP 1999-105097 A: 19990325
DE 19813698 A1: 19990930
EP 945588 A2: 19990929
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NOVELTY - The drilling rod magazine (10) has a multiple of tool places (12) for the reception of the tools (8). The tool places are respectively formed by a follower (14), movable along a conveying track. The drilling rod magazine is a chain magazine with at least one chain (16) running around at least one magazine shaft (18, 20). The followers are coupled with at least one chain. USE - Automatic handling and access to the drilling rods to be used. Especially for horizontal boring or drilling machine. ADVANTAGE - Provides automatic and reliable handling of tools and ensures access to any of the drilling rods to be handled. Tools are automatically guided with close spacing.