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Arc source for vacuum coating
: Reschke, J.; Erbkamm, W.; Nedon, W.; Pochert, R.; Scheffel, B.; Schiller, S.; Schmidt, H.

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DE 1991-4109213 A: 19910321
DE 1991-4109213 A: 19910321
DE 4109213 C1: 19920409
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Known arc sources have, among other things, the disadvantage that macroparticles on the substrate to be coated negatively affect layer characteristics. It must be possible to achieve defined vaporization at a high rate free from macroparticles even with small currents. Changing the target should be easy. The known arc source has a pot-shaped cathode housing with a cooled jacket. The target (cathode) is directly attached to its thin-walled base and is replaceable. The magnet system is mounted in a rotatable bearing in the cathode housing directly under the base. The power supply unit for the arc current is connected to an electronic detector, a limiter and a controller in order to program and control the operating parameters of the arc source. The arc source is used for vacuum-coating of electrically conducting layers, preferably for tools, where high wear and tear resistance, adhesive strength and corrosion resistance are demanded.