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Verfahren zur Differenzierung unreifer myeloischer Vorlaeuferzellen, daraus hergestelltes Praeparat sowie Verwendung derartiger Praeparate

Differentiating immature myeloid precursor cells, useful for producing active granulocytes for treatment of infections, comprises in vitro culture.
: Emmendörffer, A.; Puellmann, K.; Kadar, J.; Stolze, B.; Welte, K.

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DE 1999-19949589 A: 19991014
DE 1999-19949589 A: 19991014
DE 19949589 A1: 20010426
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Die Erfindung bezieht sich auf ein Verfahren zur Differenzierung unreifer myeloischer Vorlaeuferzellen der granulozytaeren Differenzierungslinie, wobei diese in ein in vitro Kultursystem ueberfuehrt werden, sowie Kultivierung der Vorlaeuferzellen und gegebenenfalls anschliessende Absammlung der kultivierten Vorlaeuferzellen.


DE 19949589 A UPAB: 20010528 NOVELTY - Method for differentiating immature myeloid precursor cells (A) of the granulocytic differentiation pathway by transferring (A) to an in vitro culture system, growing them and optionally harvesting the cultured precursors. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a population of differentiated (A) produced this way. ACTIVITY - Antibacterial. No biological data given. MECHANISM OF ACTION - Phagocytosis. No biological data given. USE - Differentiated (A) are used in transfusion medicine, hematology, oncology, blood donation and/or pediatrics, particularly for treating infections that are difficult to control with antibiotics and/or for preventing infections in subjects at high risk. ADVANTAGE - When cultured in vitro, (A) do not undergo apoptosis, but do differentiate further to form functional granulocytes capable of producing oxygen radicals and phagocytosis, The resulting transfusible granulocyte preparation has a high content of cells and thus high protective effect against infection. The method increases the yield from a leucopheresis sample, since (A), which are normally discarded, are converted to fully active cells.