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Biologisch degradierbare und/oder biologisch resorbierbare (Endlos)Fasern, Verfahren zu deren Herstellung und deren Verwendung als Verstaerkungsfasern

Fibres with controllable rate of biodegradation, resorbability and toxicity - are prepared by spinning composition containing hydrolytically condensed silicon compounds, useful as reinforcing fibres, especially in medical implants.
: Glaubitt, W.; Thierauf, A.; Kursawe, M.

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DE 1996-19609551 A: 19960312
DE 1996-19609551 A: 19960312
DE 19609551 C1: 19970717
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Biodegradable and/or biologically resorbable fibres are claimed. They are obtained by drawing fibres from a spinning composition and optionally these. The composition contains partly or completely hydrolytically condensed silicon compound(s) derived from monomers of formula SiX4 (I) by hydrolytic condensation; in which X = hydroxyl (OH), hydrogen (H), halogen, amino, alkoxy, acyloxy, alkylcarbonyl or alkoxycarbonyl derived from optionally substituted linear, branched or cyclic groups with 1-20, preferably 1-10 carbon (C) atoms, optionally with oxygen (O), sulphur (S) or amino groups in the chain. USE - The fibres are used as biodegradable and/or biologically resorbable reinforcing fibres (all claimed). They are useful for medical implants, e.g. for reinforcing polylactides used for screws, plates, tapes or suture materials. ADVANTAGE - The toxicity, resorbability and rate of degradation can be suited to the intended use. Production is not energy-intensive or costly.