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Bildverarbeitungssystem und Verfahren zur Bildverarbeitung fuer Endoskope

Image processing system for endoscope - has image converter which converts optical information in electronic signals provided to image correction system which includes neural network.
: Urban, V.; Schuenemann, M.

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DE 1997-19726877 A: 19970624
DE 1997-19726877 A: 19970624
DE 19726877 C2: 20020124
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The image processing system includes an image converter (4) to which output of optical lens system of the endoscope (2) is provided. The image converter converts the optical information in electronic signals which are provided in digitised form to an image correction system (6) via a signal processing and conditioning unit (5). The correction system has a controller (9), a neural network (7) configured to correct image errors. The neural network is coupled to a nonvolatile, programable memory (8) which stores the effective values. ADVANTAGE - Provides real time presentation of object with simultaneous complete correction of all errors, caused by focal length variations of endoscope length.