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Bildsensorelement und Anordnung von Bildsensorelementen

Rectangular image sensor element e.g. using photodiode array.
: Bloss, H.; Moeller, H.

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DE 1997-19738043 A1: 19970830
DE 1997-19740612 A: 19970912
DE 19740612 B4: 20051013
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NOVELTY - The image sensor element has a circuit part with a wiring part (400) occupying respective parts of the surface of the element. The image sensor element has a light sensitive surface which covers the whole width of a section of the element. The length-breadth ratio is 2:1. The light sensitive area may be octagonal and comprise a photodiode, phototransistor or photo resistor. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An arrangement of image sensor elements, and the use of the image sensor in a high speed camera are also claimed. USE - For high-speed camera. ADVANTAGE - The image sensor is cheaper and faster, without having reduced image sharpness or resolution.