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Betätigungsmittel zum Öffnen und Schliessen eines Absperrventils

Actuating device for opening and closing a shut-off valve
: Slotkowski, J.; Dalsass, K.G.; Grinewitschus, V.; Sembritzki, E.

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DE 1991-4140546 A: 19911209
DE 1991-4140546 A: 19911209
DE 4140546 A1: 19930617
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The description refers to an actuating device for opening and closing a shut-off fitting for pipes, said device automatically closing when a preset temperature is exceeded. In known automatically closing shut-off valves, complex measures are required to trigger the temperature monitoring function to prepare the valve for re-use. The actuating device according to the invention has a triggering device which prevents a first spring from shutting off the valve. The triggering device is formed such that, in the event of rising temperature, the spring releases as the result of a temperature-related change in position and/or change in length, which closes the valve. After a preset temperature is undershot, the triggering device returns to its original position. By a simple rotating movement, the temperature monitoring function of the actuating device can be re-activated. The actuating device in the invention can be easily attached to existing valves so that it is specially suited for retrofit ting existing valves.