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Verfahren und Vorrichtung fuer differenzspektroskopische Messungen

Differential spectroscopic or fluorimetric determination of interactions in solution, is carried out using quantitatively-prepared reference and mixed solutions in microtitration plate with special cover.
: Brunner, H.; Bernhagen, J.; Vitzthum, F.

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DE 1999-19906264 A: 19990215
DE 1999-19906264 A: 19990215
WO 2000-EP1121 A: 20000211
DE 19906264 C1: 20000706
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur spektroskopischen und -fluorimetrischen Bestimmung der Wechselwirkung von Stoffen mittels einer eine Vielzahl von Naepfchen umfassenden Vorrichtung.


DE 19906264 C UPAB: 20000807 NOVELTY - Novel dedicated plate cover with depressions in registration with plate cells. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Novel dedicated plate cover with depressions in registration with plate cells. Solvent and solute are placed in the cell. A second solvent and solute are placed in the depression allocated to that cell. A third solution containing a mixture of both solutes is placed in a further cell and/or depression. Comparative spectrometric or fluorimetric determinations, are carried out on the solutions by vertically-directed electromagnetic irradiation. An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for an apparatus used in this method comprising a microtitration plate (2) with numerous cells (11) and a cover (1) with depressions (17), each allocated to a cell. A further cover plate may be added. USE - The apparatus and methods are used to make comparative measurements by spectroscopy or fluorimetry on solutes in solvents, using a microtitration plate and cover of dedicated form. ADVANTAGE - Concentration-dependent effects are minimized especially, in comparative analysis. This maximizes detection sensitivity. Substances only sparingly-soluble can be investigated, whilst reducing mixing error. The method is rapid, universal and can be applied in parallel to many samples, for economical determination of material interactions. Diverse chemical and biochemical substances are exemplified in the text of the disclosure, together with suitable polymers for the apparatus.