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Band fuer Fenster und Tueren

Strip system for mounting a door/window has strip sections at the wall and swing frames linked together by a gearing and by a swing lever as a concealed installation with adjustment and without chamfering.
: Moch, M.; Amann, A.; Goetz, J.; Hoyle, J.; Ital, M.; Kiehne, O.; Klein, D.; Niethammer, R.; Schroepfer, P.

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DE 1999-19900438 A: 19990108
DE 1999-19900438 A: 19990108
DE 19900438 C1: 20000824
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Die Erfindung betrifft ein Band fuer Fenster und Tueren mit einem an der Zarge befestigbaren Bandelement und einem am Fluegelrahmen befestigbaren Bandelement und einem die beiden Bandelemente miteinander verbindbaren Verbindungselement, wobei das Verbindungselement erfindungsgemaess als Getriebe ausgebildet ist.


DE 19900438 C UPAB: 20000921 NOVELTY - The strip system (14) for mounting a door or window, and especially house doors, has one strip (16) at the door/window wall opening frame (10) and one strip (18) at the swing frame (12) of the door/window. The strips (16,18) are connected to each other by a gearing (38) with one and pref. two bolts coaxial to the swing axis of the bolt (24) secured to the strip (16) at the wall opening frame (10), and an axis (26) coaxial to the swing axis of the swing frame, fitted to the swing frame (12) and especially at the second strip (18). The bolt (24) and the axis (26) have a coupled movement through a steel cable (34), chain or toothed belt. Both strip sections (16,18) are linked together by a swing lever (28), which swings at both strip sections (16,18).. USE - The strip system is for mounting a door/window at the frame in the wall opening, and especially a house door. ADVANTAGE - The system is concealed, is installed without chamfering the profiles, and allows adjustment to the hanging.