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Filtereinheit zur mehrstufigen Separation von biologischen Zellsuspensionen und Loesungen

Filtration system separating biological cell suspension and solutions.
: Tovar, G.; Bernhagen, J.; Kiesewetter, S.; Kuhn, C.; Elser, J.; Dobler, H.; Lindner, H.

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DE 1998-19817081 A: 19980417
DE 1998-19817081 A: 19980417
DE 19817081 A1: 19991021
Patent, Electronic Publication
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein Filtersystem zur mehrstufigen Separation von biologischen Zellsuspensionen oder Loesungen. Das Filtersystem ist aus mehreren miteinander verbundenen Einheiten aufgebaut und ermoeglicht so eine stufenweise Separation.


DE 19817081 A UPAB: 19991210 NOVELTY - A filtration system comprises filter modules (3) connected by non-return lines (5) and having at least one closure (17). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is included for the corresponding method of multi-stage separation, which concentrates and separates biological cell suspensions and solutions. USE - To separate biological cells and solutions, in a series of stages, using modular units exhibiting cell specificity. ADVANTAGE - Cells, their organelles, molecules of differing sizes and surface characteristics, can be separated in a multistage process. The system is readily automated. Little manual effort is required to prevent aerosol emission or cross contamination. Further materials separated include cell extracts, homogenized cells, proteins and peptide solutions, body fluids, polymer solutions, lysates, bacteria and/or virus -containing solutions. Automatic cell or tissue-specific DNA/RNA- or protein supported diagnosis is enabled.