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Work coordination support in Kernel/2r

: Adomeit, R.; Deiters, W.; Holtkamp, B.
: Fraunhofer-Institut für Software und Systemtechnik -ISST-, Berlin

Berlin, 1993, 17 pp. : Abb.,Lit.
ISST-Berichte, 14
ISSN: 0943-1624
Fraunhofer ISST ()
distributed system; process management; software engineering; workflow management

This paper describes work coordination support in distributed systems that are based on a Kernel/2r framework. Kernel/2r implements the Conceptual Reference Model CoRe of the EUREKA Software Factory project (ESF). The ESF CoRe identifies different integration stages that cover the cooperation of people, man-machine dialogue, and the integration of tools. Kernel/2r provides a set of process engines that control the execution of process fragments. Those form a part of an overall process model which defines the coordinated performance of activities on the different CoRe integration stages.